Doctor Keith Owen

I AM Dr. Keith Owen, a board-certified pediatrician in Memphis, Tennessee with over 20 years of experience practicing pediatrics.


I’m also the proud father of three boys (and former Dr. O’s test subjects!)

Doctor Keith Owen Dr. Keith B. Owen FOUNDER & CREATOR There are many issues with newborns, infants and toddlers for which there
is little medicine can offer – diaper rashes should not be one of them!

Over the last twenty years

of practicing pediatrics, I have noticed a recurring problem that never seems to change. Diaper rash. It is one of the most common reasons for moms to call and schedule an office visit—right up there with ear infections and fevers.

Diaper Rash is very common

Year after year,

moms would walk into my office with a bag full of creams and balms, and a baby still battling horrible diaper rash. The discomfort of the babies and the frustration of the moms really troubled me. Surely there was a better solution out there.

The discomfort of babies was frustrating

I noticed the majority of creams

practically disappear right after application. How can they heal a rash when they don’t stay on a baby’s bottom from one diaper change to the next? This prompted me to spend time developing a formula that I thought could really help these babies.

All Natural

I partnered with my friend,

a dermatalogic chemist, and we created Dr. O’s Diaper Balm. We hand picked each ingredient with a newborn’s sensitive skin in mind. That means only all-natural products that you can feel 100% confident about putting on your baby’s delicate skin.

I partnered with my friend a dermatalogic chemist